TESOL Training International is a North American education services provider with headquarters in San Diego, California.  We have training centers in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and San Diego  We also have affiliate schools across the USA  and in Canada , and China.

TTI was founded in 2000 with the simple goal of providing high quality TESOL training classes.   Since then, we have grown into a vertically integrated education and job placement company. TTI now runs TESOL training classes, manages exchange programs, directly recruit teachers, and owns multiple TESOL/ESL websites.
Our Courses are moderated by Westcliff University

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Why Choose TTI

There are many advantages to earning your TESOL certificate through TTI.  Examples include…..

  • Quality TESOL classes.
  • Flexible learning options. We offer in-class, Zoom, and online TESOL certificates.
  • Great tuition rates. Our in-class TESOL is only $1095.  We also have low-cost online TESOL options.
  • Practice teaching opportunities. All TTI graduates can participate in 20 hours of onsite teaching/observation at our affiliate English schools.  No need to find your own practice teaching hours!
  • Job placement services. TTI has access to thousands of jobs through our direct partnerships overseas and our ESL websites.

SCHOLARSHIPS.  TTI offers several scholarship opportunities!  Click here for more information.

Our Stats!

TESOL Training International was founded in February 2000.  Since then, we have trained and placed 11,236 graduates.  These graduates have gone on to teach English all over the world.  See some of their testimonials below.


TESOL Training International gave me the structure and direction to start a new profession where I could combine my love of travel with my education. When I completed the course, I left for Dubai – with a job arranged by TTI that included accommodation and a plane ticket. When I arrived, there were few surprises thanks to the information and preparation I’d been given. The TTI staff will give you the training and the techniques, then they use their years of experience and contacts to help you find the job that suits you best. All that provides a formula for success that is rare.
Rex Steiner, Ministry of Education ESL Project, United Arab Emirates

Rex Steiner

“I took the TESOL program at TESOL Training International and it was just fantastic! The teacher was extremely knowledgeable and experienced; well prepared and ready to give students the a ton of information and personal help and feedback. I am originally from Columbia, and plan to teach English when I return home. Now I feel confident in teaching and finding a job.”

Monica, Spring 2016

My name is Fatima from San Francisco. I attended the 5 day in-class Foundation course from July 10-14, 2013. My summary of my impression of the in-class is:I sure learned alot in the 5 days especially through all the demonstrations and the well-written textbooks. The presentations were alot of FUN! Thanks a bunch!

Fatima Evans

Hello there!!! I took the course in New York and had a very good time. I learned a lot of very helpful information and my instructor, Christina, was just awesome. Thanks! ~ John Dawson

John Dawson

I don’t have any previous teaching experience. The Los Angeles 5 day course moved at a good pace. I didn’t feel rushed. Overall definitely recommend to others!

Mary Springs