What Is Necessary To Teach In The Middle East?

TESOL Grad Lin from NY TESOL Course Nov. 2013

Teaching overseas is a rewarding experience, no matter which country you’re in. Although many teachers have great success working in Asian and European countries, many others prefer the culture that comes with finding teaching jobs in the Middle East. While this region is thought to be full of strife and tension, companies that hire teachers to teach English typically work in safe cities that are friendly to foreigners.

To Teach In The Middle East, You Should Be A College Graduate

If you want to teach in the Middle East, you’ll likely need a college degree. Although you don’t have to be an English major, you do need to have a mastery of the English language and plenty of patience.

Many college graduates are intrigued at the thought of going to teach in the Middle East. The downturned economy means that many recent college graduates are having a difficult time finding employment. Many markets are flooded with qualified applicants and college graduates are fighting with experienced applicants even for entry level jobs. Going to teach in the Middle East means that you’ll gain necessary experience in the workplace. Potential employers will appreciate the problem-solving experience that comes with working in a foreign country, even if the experience doesn’t seem to directly translate into their business. Teaching jobs in the Middle East give job seekers the chance to experience a new culture that’s completely unlike America, which shows a candidate’s adaptability and eagerness to try new things.

Previous Experience And Certification Is Helpful

Companies that want to find people to fill teaching jobs in the Middle East know that previous experience and certifications are helpful. Although it helps to have an educational background, smart companies that hire people to teach in the region know that there’s a big difference between teaching small children and teaching business English, and classroom management techniques that work for kids will be completely inappropriate for business men and women in a foreign country. So, if you weren’t an education major, don’t worry.

Willingness To Sign A One-Year Contract

If you’re interested in looking into teaching jobs in the Middle East, you’ll likely need to sign a one-year contract with a company that helps teachers find jobs overseas. While you might be able to find a job on your own, many don’t come with a contract, meaning you might be missing out on job security. Another benefit of working with one of these companies versus trying to find a job on your own is that a placement company will help you find a place to live in a safe area.

Many teachers choose to live overseas for longer than a year to take advantage of the travel opportunities that come with being geographically close to so many countries. Teachers who teach in this region have the opportunity to travel to Jordan, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and more. You’ll be able to visit historic cities like Jerusalem, Beirut and more on the weekends before getting back into the classroom on Monday morning. Many teachers find that they enjoy the experience so much that they extend their stay well past their one-year contract.

Teaching English is a rewarding experience. There’s something amazing about seeing students learn a new language and watching them succeed. Whether you’re a new teacher or you’ve been thinking of finding a job for a while, consider moving overseas for an incredible experience.