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TESOL Training International Course Chart

Title In-Class TESOL TESOL with Skype Online TESOL TESOL for International Students
Description 120 hour certificate for people who want real classroom experience. 120 hour certificate for people who cannot attend our in-class program. 120 hour certificate available on your schedule. 180 hour certificate specifically for non-native English speakers.
Schedule 60 hours online learning

35 hours in-class study

25 hours self-study

60 hours online learning

35 live skype hours

25 hours self-study

120 hours online learning. 1pm to 6pm
Monday ~ Friday
+ 1 Saturday 10 Hours
8 Weeks
Teaching Practicum Included Included* Not included Included
Job Placement Included Included Included Included
Scholarships Available Available Not Available Available
Specializations 2 free


1 Free 1 Free 2 Free
Tuition $1095 $695 $395 $1800.00


Teaching TOEFL     Tutoring     English for Tourism     Legal English     Teaching Adolescents     Teaching Young Children

Teaching Adults     Grammar     Business English      Medical English     Teaching English with Computers     Graduate TESOL Course

TESOL for Non-native English Speakers

*Must schedule this in advance with TTI.  Practicum must take place at one of our standard training sites or affiliate schools according to TTI schedule.  Please contact us (link) for more information.