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Widely regarded for its monuments and its vast history, teaching English in Egypt brings you to the home of one of humanity’s oldest recorded civilizations. For the ESL teacher who loves to explore, Egypt is a seemingly endless source of adventure and excitement.


Among the country’s numerous must-see sites are the Pyramids of Giza and the nearby Great Sphinx, the Nile River, and the Valley of the Kings. Due to economic reforms and improved business, Egypt’s demand for ESL teachers is increasing, and Egyptian students are known to be both friendly and enthusiastic learners.

A TESOL Certificate is the minimum requirement for a one to two year teaching contract. A typical 25 hour work will pay 5,500- 11,000 Egyptian Pounds (EGP,) making it among the best paying ESL positions in Northern Africa. Private tutoring can bring in 50-125 EGP/hr, and with a population of over 80 million, there are plenty of tutoring opportunities. Teachers are encouraged to seek positions in the peak hiring months of January and September.

The income tax rate varies from 0-20%. As a practical point of reference, consider that the cost of a Big Mac in Egypt is approximately $2.33 USD. Accommodations, airfare, and health care are not usually included in the compensation, and there are no paid holidays. A tourist Visa is sufficient to start ESL teaching in Egypt, and it is important to notice that cultural preference is given to males.

For more information about teaching in Egypt and becoming an overseas English teacher contact TESOL Training International.


Requirements: University Degree and Global TESOL Certificate
Monthly Salary: 5,500-11,000 EGP
Typical Contract: One to two year
High Hiring Season: January, September
Teaching Hours/Week: 25
Private Tutoring: 50-125 EGP /hr
Accommodations: Not included
Airfare: Usually included
Health Care: Usually included
Holidays: Usually paid
Visa: Employer assisted
Income Tax: 0-20 %
Exchange rate: $ 1 US = 5.5 EGP