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Teaching English in MoroccoPopulation:33,241,259 Capital: Rabat Currency: Dirham

Languages: Arabic as well as French

More Information on Morocco: Morocco is a diverse land with skiing in the Atlas mountains, swimming on the Atlantic coasts, and four wheel driving in the desert sands.

MoroccoMorocco has a few large cities such as Casablanca, Tangier, Marrakech, and Fes. All offer wonderful people, food, and culture.

With Arabic as the official language and French as the unofficial language, the importance of English is growing in Morocco, especially in the business sectors. As a growing industrial economy, Morocco is promoting English all over the nation and currently is in need for English teachers

For teaching English in Morocco, you need a TESOL certificate that empowers you to teach English as a foreign language in the Arabian countries. TESOL Training International offers TESOL certification courses that enables the teachers to teach anywhere in the world. TESOL certification earned from Global TESOL College recognizes you as an international English teacher and also helps you to secure an overseas teaching job.

TEFL teachers are in huge demand in Morocco with opportunities available in schools, colleges, universities, and in many other private language schools and institutions. Teaching opportunities are also available among professionals seeking growth in career. For teachers, French in not mandatory but a little knowledge can turn out to be a great advantage. Teaching Moroccan students can be a delightful experience as they are enthusiastic and participating. Teaching English in Morocco can be truly adventurous if you want to experience the delights of North Africa and discover the Islamic and Arabic culture over there.

Teachers Needed in Morocco

Morocco is a growing tourist destination with new resorts and construction as well as a growing industrial and business economy resulting in a demand for English teachers.

For more information about teaching in Morocco and becoming an overseas English teacher contact TESOL Training International


Requirements: TESOL Training International Certificate
Monthly Salary: 23,852 MAD
Typical Contract: Six months to one year
High Hiring Season: All year round
Teaching Hours/Week: 18-30
Private Tutoring:
Accommodations: Included
Airfare: Included
Health Care: Included
Holidays: Usually paid
Visa: Employer assisted
Income Tax: 35 %
Exchange rate: $ 1 US = 8.2 MAD