Peru Teach English in Peru w
Population: 27,219,266   Capital: Lima   Currency: Nuevo Sol   Languages: Spanish
Teaching English in Peru More Information on Peru: Peruvian people are known for their kind and open nature and their land is known for its mountains and beautiful sites. With many nature reserves, rivers, lakes, and forests, there is plenty to do for any outdoor enthusiast. In addition, Peru offers cities with an old European style and the mysteries of Machu Picchu to explore for those interested in history and architecture.

Machu Picchu Peru Peru has a growing tourism industry and, with new trade agreements with the US as well as privatization of its key industries, the economy is growing and the need for English with it.

The average monthly salary is 1600 – 2100 PEN, the average monthly cost of living is 900 PEN, and vacation time is typically not paid. Netiher accommodations nor health care are provided.

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Requirements: TESOL Training International International Certificate
Monthly Salary: 1,200-2,000 PEN
Typical Contract: One year
High Hiring Season: All year round
Teaching Hours/Week: 25-30
Private Tutoring: 14-46 PEN /hr
Accommodations: Employer assisted
Airfare: Usually not included
Health Care: Not included
Holidays: Sometimes included
Visa: Employer assisted; degree not required
Income Tax: 15-27 %
Exchange rate: $ 1 US = 2.7 PEN