Costa Rica Teaching in Costa Rica w
Population: 4,327,000  Capital: San Jose  Currency: Colon  Languages: Spanish
Teaching English in Costa RicaMore Information on Costa Rica: Costa Rica is well known for its lush tropical forests and incredible beaches. It offers tropical weather year round and a list of outdoor activities that would please any outdoor enthusiast including: hiking, rafting, scuba diving, snorkeling, wind surfing, kayaking, and much more.

Teaching English in Costa Rica can be an enlightening experience. Along with job opportunities in several sectors, you get to live amidst eco friendly lifestyle, enjoying world’s best hiking, scuba diving, snorleing, and rafting opportunities.

Costa Rica’s new program offers a host-stay and educational program that is sure to put a smile on your face!  Their state of the art building provides an eco-friendly and modern alternative to living.  Built with sustainable technology, you’ll find the new location on a fern plantation in the mountains which will be inaugurated on May 15, 2010.  Combining exceptional education with environmentally conscious living represents the innovative edge TESOL Training International is proud to contribute to its students.

Costa Rica As Costa Rica is a booming tourism economy, the interactions with the western world in terms of business is high. This made knowing English a priority among the businessmen and students. Costa Rica is looking for teachers to teach English in high schools, colleges and other language institutions.For teaching English in Costa Rica, you require a university degree and TESOL certification. Most of the Costa Rican schools want their teachers to be certified. TESOL Training International offers exclusive on-site and in-class TESOL, TEFL and other diploma courses that enables you to teach English overseas. The certification earned from TESOL Training International gives you invaluable experience to teach in classroom setting and boost your experience to teach in a foreign culture. The certification also enhances the chances of securing a job easily in some of the best schools and colleges. TESOL Training International also assists you in securing an international placement in your preferred country.Costa Rica has a booming tourism economy from North American and European markets which has created a demand for English teachers.

For more information about teaching in Costa Rica and becoming an overseas English teacher contact TESOL Training International.


Requirements: University Degree and TESOL Training International Certificate
Monthly Salary: 0-400,000 CRC
Typical Contract: Six months-One year
High Hiring Season: September, December
Teaching Hours/Week: 15-25
Private Tutoring: 2,500 CRC /hr
Accommodations: Not included
Airfare: Not included
Health Care: Sometimes included
Holidays: Usually paid
Visa: Employer assisted
Income Tax: 10-15 %
Exchange rate: $ 1 US = 500 CRC