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  • The Head Dish Washer & International TESOL Teacher
  • Bryan (a.k.a. The Man) Bryan has taught English around the world. His passion for teaching English and exploring other cultures found a home when he started TESOL Training International and TUI Hillcrest. Bryan is the creative mind behind our programs, and as such, he oversees research & development, program expansion, and online presence. He is always looking for new possibilities for expanding our programs worldwide. In his free time he loves bicycles, Anchor Steam from SF, and restoring old Porsche 911s.
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 TESOL Student Services Coordinator and TOEFL Teacher Lei Wang
(a.k.a. Asian Gamer) My name is Lei Wang and I was born in Beijing, China.  I have been in the United States since 1994.  I have a Bachelors of Science in Game Art and Design from the Art Institute of California-San Diego.  I’ve gone through a few industry-jobs, but decided to become certified in TESOL here, at TESOL Training International.  I love food, video games, and meeting international people.