TESOL Training International interview tips

Getting invited to an interview is a sign that your potential employer is interested in hiring you. Make the most of these quick techniques to help you make the best impression!

Phone Interviews

1. Dress nicely – studies have shown that people who dress professionally give better phone interviews. 2. Speak slowly and clearly – have concise, straightforward answers. Avoid rambling. 3. Turn off your call waiting (if you pick up that second line, it means that you are not interested in the job). 4. Be a good listener – the person interviewing you may want to tell you more about their job or services and listening will ensure that you get all the necessary facts.

In-person Interviews

1. Dress professionally – first impressions count! 2. Relax and be yourself. 3. Make eye contact with all people present. 4. Don’t waste time – discuss things that are not on your resume. 5. Follow up – an email or a phone call following your interview will solidify your intentions to get the job.


1. Be on time! 2. Do your homework. The more you know about the the job, the more productive your interview will be. 3. Take your time – think through your answers before giving a response. 4. Give a firm handshake and make eye contact with all that are present. 5. Ask questions about your responsibilities on the job (usually done at the end of the interview). 6. Bring extra copies of your resumes to the interview. 7. Get the names and contact information for those who are attending your interview.


1. Be late. If you are late, don’t ramble on with excuses, simply apologize. 2. Sit down until you are invited to do so. 3. Be disrespectful. 4. Look at your watch. 5. Treat the interviewer as your equal. 6. Pretend to know absolutely everything about the job – there is always room for improvement! 7. Tell jokes unless initiated by the person interviewing you. 8. Act as though you would take any job – instead, be specifically interested in this job. Keep in mind that you are applying for a teaching job. Show your interest in education, students, and travelling as you are applying for a job abroad. Make sure to tell your interviewer about your previous travel experiences and the true reasons for wanting to teach overseas. Good luck!

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