Welcome to your online TESOL Training International Teaching Children English Course. Welcome to your online TESOL Training International Teaching Children English Course. As you work through each of the modules presented below, be sure to read and complete the course material in the order it is presented. Much of what we cover in each module builds on concepts covered in previous topics. As you read, take notes or print pages you may wish to refer to later. When you are finished with any topic, make sure to try the questions under most of the readings. When you have completed all modules you can take the Online Final Exam. Please read the following to access your exam and also read the last topic posted in this course: * The exam is at the end of the course. NOTE: do not open the exam until you are ready to take it. Each exam can only be accessed one time. If you do not see your exam, send an email to: teachenglishnow@gmail.com with the subject line 'No Exam Access'. 5. If you experience a service disruption (e.g. power outage) you need to apply for a re-take session. This can be arranged by contacting TESOL Training International at teachenglishnow@gmail.com 6. The passing mark is 60%, and is calculated from the combined marks of all sections. If a mark of 60% overall is not achieved, a re-take session ($30.00 USD) can be arranged by contacting teachenglishnow@gmail.com. Please note: You may encounter short answer questions which appear as text only and provide no option for submitting your response. These questions are intended only for your own personal review and reflection. They are optional and do not need to be submitted. Assignments which do provide a space for submitting responses are also not mandatory, and are only intended for personal review; you can, however, submit your responses and they will be received by TESOL Training International. After submitting a response you may sometimes receive feedback by scrolling down the page. You will not receive personal feedback or a grade for any of these "submittable" assignments. Both assignments and quizzes are intended as review, are optional, and do not count towards your final grade. You are assessed only on the results of your Final Exam for any course. Let's get started!