Welcome to TTI's Employment Center
These are the steps of how to use the TTI Portal Step-by-Step
  1. Register in the TTI Portal: https://tesoltraining.net/tesoladmin/register.php
  2. Check your email (please make sure to also check your spam folder).
  3. Find and validate your account.
  4. Login to the portal.
  5. Edit your info and add your picture (Please choose a professional looking picture.
  6. Save
  7. Go to Edit / Update Resume
  8. Choose the destination your would like to teach in.
  9. Choose the highest level of education you have.
  10. Choose the TESOL / TEFL / CELTA certification you have if any.
  11. Choose to pay the $60.00 (* Students and Partners please call or Skype for the code).
    *Once this is complete your resume will go to the Admin for approval (Usually approved in 12 hours or less).
  12. Once approved you can apply for jobs on our job board.
    * You may also want to add some resources in the My Resources section. Just click Add Resources and check the resources you would like to use.
  13. Have fun and welcome to the TTI Employment Center.