Welcome to TTI's Employment Center
These are the steps of how to use the TTI Portal Step-by-Step Recruiter
  1. Register in the TTI Portalas a Recuiter: https://tesoltraining.net/tesoladmin/recruiterregister.php
  2. Check your email (please make sure to also check your spam folder).
  3. Find and validate your account.
  4. Login to the portal.
  5. Edit your account info.
  6. Save
  7. Click Post New Job and you can post all of the jobs that you have an opening for (We only accept jobs which are geared toward language teaching).
  8. Post your job / jobs
    * Before job posting becomes live TTI Admin will need to approve it (Usually within 12 hours).
    8.1 To see people that has applied for your job: click on the My Job Posts and on the top of each Job Post you will see the name of the person / people that has applied. Click on the persons name and it will take you to their resume.
  9. To see the resume / resumes: Click view.
  10. To get the person's contact information: Click Available - Get Full Access Now!
  11. Choose the Resume Service that works best for you.
  12. Put in your payment information.
    * You will them be able to see all of the contact information of the teachers ready to teach abroad (You will have access to this for the amount of time that you signed up for).
  13. Have fun and welcome to TTI Employment Center!